Monday, September 13, 2010

My "Wild Hair"

Yes, those are two almost-19-month-old-babies sleeping in toddler beds!  I could feel the Wild Hair calling my name - you know, because everyone's hairs calls their names.  Jeremy couldn't think of a reason to hold me he helped.  :)

Look at big that sweet, big...boy is sleeping!

And look at this snuggly little boy here...ahh, so sweet!

And the best part:  I get to go in their rooms at night whilst they slumber and give them all kinds of kisses on those sweet, sleeping faces!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just for You!

So...I've been on hiatus since April from blogging.  But the benefit of that is that we have a cleaner, more organized house!  Something had to give...and I gave this up. 

But since I've been SO missed (mostly by my wonderful family), and since several of our family members decided to move across the country and globe, I thought I'd do you a favor by blessing you with my blogging presense. 

So...  to YOU...  you're welcome!

Okay, I'm finished tooting my horn.  Promise.

Now, what did they do to blogger while I was gone?  With my limited computer time, it's probably going to take me a while to figure out how to make my blog 'pretty' again (as pretty as it can get on a cost-less budget). 

I could get it done really quickly if I gave up my sleep... 

Ha!  That won't happen!  Promise.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Proving Mom Wrong

Who knows what great lengths my children will go (in the future) to prove me wrong.  It's a family trait. 

(And, no, we're not proud of it.)

As I was sorting baby onesies, I showed Seth a onesie that I loved for him to wear when he was a baby. 

He put the onesie up to himself and said "it still fits!"

I laughed and told him no...he is too big.  He wore that as a wouldn't fit him now. 

So, to prove my point (see, he comes by it honestly!), I told him to stick his arm in the arm hole of the onesie. 

He did it! 

I laughed it off and said that I didn't think his head would fit through the neck hole. 

He did that too!

So I told him he could just try it on...

Creative Coloring

I am so happy (and relieved) that Seth has started to enjoy coloring and drawing.  I have given him opportunities to color, but until lately, he's not been interested.  I didn't push it because I didn't want him to hate it.  Turns out, my patience payed off! 

Unfortunatley, I hadn't taught him all the 'rules' that go along with coloring. 

I mean, why wouldn't he color on the furniture in the pediatrician's new office?  Why wouldn't he color on the red wagon?  Why wouldn't he color on his table?

Why wouldn't he color on his face....  with a red sharpie?!

Oh yeah, and he colored his finger nails.  Seriously do not know where he got that from...I never have my finger nails painted!

Such a cute kid.  But what a stinker!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What kind of candy?!

Seth: Momma, can I have some of that blue stuff to eat?

Me: What blue stuff?

Seth: You know, that stuff that is blue.

Me: Show it this (pointing to cotton candy)?

Seth: Yes! Rotten Candy! Can I please have some rotten candy??

Friday, March 19, 2010

Look what I did!

Let me just say... I did it!

First I did this (which literally took all day):

They look good (to me anyway) before they went into the oven.  Just look at them after they came out of the oven and got covered in my (too thin) icing.  Yumm!

The Pioneer Woman's food blog is what inspired me.  You know, because it just looked so darn tastey!  Those food blogs are very dangerous.  You can actually see the delicious food while you're reading about it...which just makes you want to start cooking right away! 

It's difficult to cook with little ones at your I don't try new things too often.  But when I do, I get really excited about it!  I was so excited, that I even let Jack and Ian have a bite (because they ate all of their supper first). 

Here's the link to the recipe.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ian's Debt

Ugh.  I hate to look at the date of my last post because it was a month ago!  Oh well.  This isn't my career, and I do have a family to take care of.  (That counts for my blogging laziness, right?!)

Anyway, on to the cuties.

I'm not exactly sure how this conversation originally began, but the five of us (...okay, there are only three of us who can speak...) were discussing paying for babies - as in paying the hospital their due amount from their births.

Jeremy told Seth that he was paid for and Jack was paid for.  However, Ian has never been paid for.  Before you jump to conclusions, it's not what you think!  The hospital has yet to send us the bill for his birth and stay during the first few days of his life.  Yes, you are right, he is a year old. 

Sounds like I'm not the only slacker.

At that time, Seth also inquired about Jeremy and myself.  Jeremy told him that our parents paid for us. 

That was over a week ago.  But Seth hasn't forgotten it (kids have brains like elephants!  ...wait, isn't that the animal that can remember everything?).

Getting on with the story... Seth has asked me two times today, "Momma, as daddy paid for Ian yet?"  I finally have started telling him that he's been taken care of.  With all his inquries, I'm afraid he may begin thinking that Ian may have to be taken back. 

Little does he know, Ian will not be going back where he came from.  That ship has sailed.