Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Box

We all know that kids have more fun in a box than with the toy that came in it. Apparently, it goes for adults too. :)


Talk about quality father-son time!
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Jack (in orange) and Ian (in stripes) both had toys. Jack took Ian's first toy away from I ran to get the camera! Sure enough, Jack wanted Ian's new toy.

Isn't it a bit early to want what the other has? (Although it is a litle cute at this age!)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flying Jack and Playing Ian

This is a video of Jack "flying." While laying on his belly, he'll spread his arms out above the ground and pick up his legs (very talented...I'm not sure that I could do this). Then he rocks on his bulging belly.

Ian was also laying on the floor playing. He pulled the toy up to his mouth and is trying to chew on it. They're getting big!

In the background, you can hear Seth asking to listen to WonderPets. Then in the next video he is asking for the charger (I think he means the speakers).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys: How to make them not to?

Although I did not grow up with any brothers, I feel like I kind of 'get' boys. I let Seth make his mistakes so that he will learn from them. I let him be adventurous. I let him watch daddy hunt (as he and his brothers will have to join daddy someday so that we can have enough meat to feed a family of four boys!).

I understand boys are rough, and I do not wish to make any of our boys too 'soft.'

However, it is not okay to go around pushing or wrestling or jumping on people or 'play' hit or anything else rough. (Even though he tells me, "momma, I was just trying to play with you!")

So, how do you teach boys that it is okay to embrace (for lack of a better word) their 'boyness' but know when it's okay and when it's not acceptable?

Last Wednesday we went to a play date. Seth pushed a little girl down. Awful, isn't it?! I know he was only trying to play and he did not do it to intentionally be mean, but that little girl and her mother probably didn't know the difference!

I am getting so tired of saying "Seth, be gentle; Seth, don't be so rough."

I have thought before about what a great team moms and dads make. I feel like moms teach their boys that it's not okay to hit, etc. and dads teach them to take up for themselves. Although those are mixed teachings, I hope to raise boys that can gain a little from both perspectives and have a good understanding of when certain behavior is and is not acceptable.

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny!

I finally got my camera issues sorted out. So expect me to be playing catch-up for the next couple of days!

This is to Aunt Jenny who had a birthday on July 16. Happy late birthday!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today Show Request

I have not been blogging long (nor often as of lately), but still many of you know about the twins message board I talk about frequently.

The women that I have met through that board have helped me and been with me in a way that my other friends and family were not able to as they have never experienced this. I know it was kind of a "blind leading the blind" thing most of the time, but we've all managed to make it this far.

So we got the great idea to meet each other! However, having babies (especially two at a time) puts a strain on your finances. So we have decided to ask a television show to have us come on.

I finally sat down today and wrote a letter to the Today Show. I hope that they considerate. We would all love to meet. Plus, who wouldn't want to watch a bunch of mothers who have never met and their adorable twin babies?

Here's what I wrote:
Hello and good morning!One year ago in September I found out I was pregnant with twins. What a complete shock this was for my husband and me! And it has been a frantic blur ever since.

Shortly after finding out I was pregnant with twins, I found a message board forum ( full of mothers and mothers-to-be of multiples (mostly twins and the occassional case of triplets!). These ladies have been my saving grace over the last (almost) year!The forum is divided into birth months. While pregnant, you find the birth month you fit in and form bonds with these women who you will, more than likely, never meet in person.

During pregnancy, we all shared our fears, excitments, dissappointments, milestones, and complaints - and there were many of these! A twin pregnancy is nothing like that of a singleton - I can speak from experience. So having a group of women who were going through the same things at the same time was such an inspiration and encouragement.

We had women on bedrest for most of the pregnancy all the way to women who were able to work up until the time their babies were born. We have women who had to deal with pre-mature births and extended Neonatal ICU stays. We had women who suffered the loss of one twin during pregnancy and shortly after birth. We also had women who were able to experience a wonderful birth that ended with two healthy babies!

Through all of that, we formed a bond. We wept for the losses of those who never had and we experience joy with those who shared their wonderful news.

I am part of the March/April 2009 board. All of us have had our babies - some healthy, some that are now angels, and some that are still struggling with different needs. Our forum has now moved from "Pregnant with Multiples" to "Your Twins' First Year."

We are now able to lean on one another for advice, support, and understanding. I live in a small town that does not have a support group for moms with multiples; so I heavily rely on my friends on the internet.

The things that us and our babies are going through right now, they say, is the hardest. It has been difficult on our marriages, relationships with family members, our bodies, emotional difficulties, financial difficulties, lack of sleep and 'me' time - but in the end, we all have precious babies to thank God for!

The stresses that we all have experienced during this last year has been unimaginable. But, so they say, as the babies get older, life is so neat being a parent of multiples! We shall weather that together, too.

I come now asking to meet these incredible women and their babies. As babies (especially when they come two at a time) puts a financial strain on things, we as a group do not see how it would be possible to ever meet in person. We have invested almost a year in each others lives and have relied on each other to get through tough times. It would be amazing to be able to hug their necks and smile into their babies eyes!

I appreciate these women and their encouragement tremendously. It would be such a wonderful thing for us all to be able to meet!

I encourage you to view our forum. (We have also joined each other on facebook in order to keep up even more often.)

If you and your producers see fit, we would love to be able to meet on your show. I want to be able to share my story and thank all of the women that have helped me through this! And, honestly, who doesn't love babies? :)

We appreciate your consideration in our request.

Krista Sanders

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Alligator

First of all, let me give you a little background on the alligator.

Seth was staying at my parents house. My mom wanted him to stay on the bed for a few minutes. In order to get him to do this, she told him that there was an alligator that would get him if he got off. (In hindsight, maybe this wasn't the best idea!)

So, the other day Seth comes to me in tears. He was holding his fingers. He was crying so much that he couldn't tell me what was wrong. I asked him if he hurt his fingers and he shook his head yes. I looked at his fingers and couldn't find any marks on them and he could wiggle them for me. So he went and got the bear out of the freezer to put on his fingers.

Later, after he had calmed down, I asked him again what happened to his fingers. He clearly told me that the (imaginary) alligator got them. So I asked him to take me to where he hurt his fingers. In mine and Jeremy's bedroom, Seth had laid two pillows on the floor along with his blanket. He points to that and says that the alligator got his fingers...but "he's not there anymore."

I laid Seth down for his nap, and he was still talking about the alligator. I told him that I would take care of the alligator and it would be out of the house. Seth gave me very specific instructions on how to dispose of said alligator. Showing me with his hands, he told me I was to pick it up and drop him outside. "But don't squeeze him, Momma, because he'll poke you!"

Apparently, istead of having an imaginary friend, Seth has met up with an imaginary alligator. And I'm sure there will be more stories to come!

It's been a while!

I can't remember if I've posted much on the subject of cleaning, but it is a highly used word in my vocabulary as of late.

Lately I've been struggling with keeping a clean house. I've wanted so many times to write down my struggles and frustrations, but I figured it would be a boring read.

Hopefully, I've figured out some new techniques to keeping our house clean (or at least presentable).

Since "working" on the house, I've not had as much time to do mindless things (you know, the fun things) such as posting here and other places.

But I did figure something out about keeping a clean house: in order to keep a clean house, you never get to sit down and enjoy it. So that's my new motto...don't sit, always do. Sounds loads of fun, huh?

Enough about cleaning (I told you it was boring!)...on to other issues.

My camera isn't working right! It's a sad, sad thing. I have so many pictures, stories and videos that I want to post for you all, but I'm having a difficult time getting them from my camera onto the computer. Thankfully we did purchase the extended warranty on my camera! The camera is working fine, but it will not load the pictures onto the computer from the camera. Sure, I could insert the SD card into the printer and get them from there, but there is a problem in doing that. You see, when my pictures load from my camera, they automatically go into dated folders. That way I can keep track of when the picture was taken and when that event happened. If I just load them onto my computer from the SD card, that will not be the case and I will be lost in a flood of pictures with no direction. (Okay, that was a little dramatic.)

So as soon as I figure out my camera problem, you will be overloaded with pictures and adorable things going on with us!

Sorry that was so boring...a more interesting story to come!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Love My iPod Touch

If Apple had traveling salesmen, I would apply for the job. I absolutely adore my iPod touch!

Recently, I've found a few apps for children, and Seth just loves them. Plus, they are good for him! His favorite app tells him to touch the number/letter/color/shape, and after so many questions, it goes to your sticker page where you choose a sticker and put it on your page. There is also a really fun animal memory game and a trace the letter game with is wonderful for fine motor. Not only are the games a load of fun, but they also keep Seth occupied in the car and while waiting in the doctor's office. I'm just sad that I haven't had one sooner!

On top of all that wonderfulness, we've downloaded a WonderPets album. Since we keep the TV off most of the time, we will sit around or play in the house while the WonderPets are playing on the iPod home speakers. The music is wonderful and the lyrics are sung as well as spoken (as the show is in musical format). This also allows Seth to use his imagination more. So many great things!

Last night as Seth was saying his prayers before bed, he thanked God for momma's iPod. He's such a neat kid!

Jack and Ian Talking

I got it on film: Jack and Ian 'talking!' Aren't they cute???

Ian is sitting in the bouncer and Jack is sitting in my lap. I love these little guys!

Seth Mowing

Seth, like most other boys, has always had a fasination with tractors. He uses the word 'tractor' loosly (the lawn mower is a tractor, the pressure washer is a tractor, etc).

He has always loved riding the "lellow tractor" (daddy's lawn mower) with daddy. Apparently it doesn't take long to learn the rops because Seth is really good at manuvering that lawn mower!

I filmed this with my digital camera so Seth kept smiling at us as if we were taking his picture. He's a good little driver!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recent Pictures

Busy week!

We've been busy around here!

Thursday Seth had his three year well check at the doctor. He's healthy! We had a break from immunizations this year; however, next year he will have four. I'm not looking forward to that!

Friday Jeremy and I went to the Rangers baseball game with his sister, brother-in-law, neice and nephew, and a few friends. We won...which is great, but the game wasn't very exciting. They had a great fireworks show at the end. They actually had fireworks that were smily faces!

Saturday was the Fourth of July. We have our annual Bonner family reunion. Then Jeremy and I took Seth and my sister swimming (thanks Kingsleys!). I opted to stay home with Jack and Ian while Jeremy took Seth to watch the fireworks with our families.

Sunday was the baby dedication at our church. Just another reminder of what God has blessed us with! It was very nice. They did a slideshow presentation with the boys pictures, read scripture and prayed. We believe that this does not "save" the babies - only they can ask Jesus to come into their heart when they are ready. We do a baby dedication to welcome the babies into the church and recognize the blessings that God gave us. Jeremy and I give our children back to the Lord. Ultimately, we are all His! And we are so thankful that God has allowed us to spend this time with them and raise them!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Line

I need directions to "The Line." I hear it is very faint and sometimes hard to see. I often wonder if I've passed it.

I need to know where "The Line" is between having enough time to myself and when it turns into being selfish. I need to know where it is between having a clean house and spending time with my family. I need to know where it is between taking care of things and daily rest. I need to know where "The Line" is between spending time with friends and spending time with family. Where it is between showing your children love but not making them too dependant on you?

If anyone has found any of these Lines, please let me know.

And I'll also need a map. :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Podee Bottle Frustration

When we found out we were pregnant with twins, I immediately joined a twins message board (I love those girls - they were lifesavers!). There I learned of these "hands free" bottles called Podee bottles. I thought that seemed like a perfect idea...maybe I could hold and feed one baby while the other baby used the Podee bottle and then I would switch at the next feeding.

That would have been a perfect plan if the bottles were the miracle I had hoped.

See, the Podee bottles have about seven pieces to them. It's a puzzle to get it together - plus, you have to hand wash all those parts! (I know that's lazy of me, but who has time to handwash everything when there's so much else to do?!) Sure, it's an ingenious idea, but it didn't work for us quite as ideally.

So I tried them tonight. I thought it would be perfect for me to sit them in their feeding chairs in the kitchen and take their bottles while I cook dinner. I was trying to multi-task! However, from the beginning of the feeding to the end was at least double the time it would have taken for me to just feed them myself. Plus, I ended up pooring their formula into a regular bottle (that's four dirty bottles as opposed to only two).

I posted the videos of them trying to drink from their Podee bottles. They don't work for us, but I hope there are others out there that have better luck with them!

Jack drinking with podee bottle

Jack has always had a lazy suck (for lack of better words). So I let Ian get the formula up into the nipple and gave that bottle to Jack. I think he drank what was in the nipple and no more!

Ian drinking with podee bottle

Ian did well with it, but it took forever for him to drink. This was equally as frustrating!