Monday, August 31, 2009

Tricky Tricksters

I have a couple of tricky babies on my hands. (Well, actually on my floor.)

I was laying on the floor with Jack and Ian when Ian started crawling...well...getting up on all fours and going backwards. It was so cute! But, of course, as soon as I got my camera out, he stopped. :(

Here's what I got!

While I was in here typing this, Mr. Jack decided to roll over from back to tummy! This is the first time I've *partially* witnessed it! We knew he could do it because he rolls onto his side all the time but doesn't want to seem to finish the roll. I left him on his back and went back to find him on his tummy playing with his toy while Ian was up on all fours playing with his. Oh happy day! :)

New Territory

Honestly, I cannot remember when we started Seth on a sippy cup. I really think it was closer to his first birthday (like maybe 10 or 11 months), but so many people I know are giving their babies sippy cups now at around six months.

Since the virus went through our family (and I mean our entire family - grandparents included), I decided to give the boys some Pedialite in their sippy cups.

And it actually turned out better than I thought!

Jack - he held the cup really well with his left hand, but that right one likes to be close to his mouth. We haven't figured that one out yet!

Ian - he has started to hold his bottle really well and pretty consistently.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Caleb

We have some dear friends who are in the states on furlough from their mission work. They have a son named Caleb who Seth has enjoyed playing with. Caleb is about five years older than Seth. That doesn't seem like a lot, but Seth is only three and Caleb is eight.

My sister took Seth and Caleb to the park one day. The entire afternoon, Seth talked about Caleb!

Now, Caleb lives with us. That is, imaginary Caleb.

Caleb takes naps with Seth, goes to work on occasion, eats lunch with us, and keeps Seth company.

Caleb (the real one) is the first person, outside of family, that has made such an impression on Seth. It is really neat to watch!

Would you like fries with that?

Upon asking Seth what he would like for lunch today, I received an odd answer: "Roller turkey, Mom!"

"So, you want turkey wrapped in a tortilla?"

"No, roller turkey!"

"Come show me what I need to make this 'roller turkey'."

Seth then pointed to the croissants which we have to make turkey sandwiches. Okay, creative name...silly boy!

Once I told him that those croissants were old and were no longer fit to eat, I asked him what else he would like to eat.

"Umm, sea shell turkey, Mom!"

"What?! What is 'sea shell turkey'?"

We then went to take a peek in the pantry. I'm not sure if I persuaded this sea shell turkey answer, but we decided on a turkey and cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread. :)

More of Seth's imagination next.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing Catch-Up: 6 months

On August 17, Jack and Ian turned six months! (Yes, I know, it's been two weeks ago.)

They had a great doctor's appointment. Jack weighs 18lbs10oz and Ian weighs 17lbs...both 26in long.

They had six nasty vaccines, but only started to cry after three of the shots were already administered. One seemed to start whimpering which made the other realize it was okay to be upset...which got them both going. Poor guys!

They are still not crawling but are pulling their knees underneath them and raising up on their we're making progress! They love their excersauser-type toys, jumperoo (if anyone has an extra they are getting rid of, we would love it!), playing on the floor, watching big brother Seth, and relaxing in their swings. They really are good babies!

They have started sitting up. They are able to lean forward and pull themselves back up (and vice versa) if they have some support on their sides. They sit really well if they are sitting on the floor between my legs.

We started cereal... (oh my, I just realized I still haven't posted the video of that...will do soon) We started cereal about a month or so ago. They are doing great on it. We eat that first thing in the morning followed by their bottle.

As of about three or so weeks ago, we began vegetables in the evening during dinner time. We tried peas first (as I thought they were a bit sweeter than the others and may take to it faster). That did not go over well! They only ate a few bites each the first try. And Jack actually threw those up! The second night was a little better and the third night was an improvement to that (which means they, together, finished maybe one-third of one jar). Then we got to green beans - I was amazed by the second night of green beans when they finished one jar each! From then on out, they spent three nights in a row trying new veggies. I'm very happy for good eaters!

Here are a few pictures of the boys. I sure love them! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is Papa's actual birthday, but you know around here we celebrate birthdays for several days surrounding the actual day. Last Saturday we had lunch at our house...just our family (mom, dad, sisters, son-in-laws).

We got Seth to take a picture of all of us (minus my sister, Sarah...sorry Sarah!). He took is a peek at his work

A New Year

For me, the beginning of a new school year is more significant than January 1st. Although I am not teaching public school this year and do not have children attending public school, it stills feels like a fresh start.

Summertime is such a fun time! You visit family and friends often, see new things, play hard, stay up late, wear cute clothes (I like my summer clothes way more than winter ones)...

But about this time, and this year more than in the past, I am very ready for fall and the start of a 'new year.'

I'm tired. Tired of having fun. Tired of having late nights playing. Tired of going, going, going.

It's time to rest.

I'm ready to cook chili and soup for dinner. I'm ready for everyone to be in the house at by 6:00 because the sun has already gone to sleep for the night. I'm ready to dress cozy. I'm ready to go to sleep early. I'm ready to stay at home more. And I'm ready to keep up with my blog more!

Each season brings its own joys, and I am ready to enjoy what's next. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Future Fund

As I posted earlier, I lost a fellow twin mommy friend this past weekend. She left behind twin six-month-old boys. In honor of Tammy and in efforts to aide their family, a website has been put togetber to encourage organ donations and raise money for babies Kyle and Ben.

The Future Fund for Benjamin and Kyle

More information on Tammy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Six Years

Six years ago today, Jeremy and I were married! We had a simple church wedding and reception. Afterwards, we headed off to Jamaica.

I am so thankful that love grows. Over the last six years, I have learned how to love Jeremy, and I anticipate the next fifty years, God willing, to go the same way.

Sure, we've had our hard times (specifically after the twins were born), but those tough times teach many lessons that stay long after the anger has faded.

I thank God for Jeremy, for our marriage and our family. I could not ask for more. :)

As a gift to ourselves, we got new, old dishes. While we were on our 'getaway,' we went to an antique store and found several gifts for family and ourselves! I had been wanting new dishes as I thought I had outgrown the taste I once had. We ran across these dishes and, not being spur-of-the-moment spenders, we took pictures, researched them online and talked about it. When we got home, we decided that we wanted them! Thankfully, they found the dishes in the store and shipped them to us. I plan to get simple glasses, table linens, and serving dishes to go with our printed new dishes.

It's All Relative

Since being a grown-up, I feel like certain things make more sense to me now. The phrase "it's all relative" is one of them.

I first realized exactly what this meant after having Seth. You anticipate labor and delivery - fearing the worst - not knowing what will come. But when you are in the moment, you want that baby out of you so badly and into your arms, it doesn't matter how it gets long as it's fast!

More recently this has struck a chord with me on raising twin newborns and a toddler on top of being a stay at home mom. I never thought I could handle staying at home; I always thought I would go crazy in the house all the time. Now, home is my favorite place to be, and I can stay here for days without going out.

I know that when I look back at this time in my life, I will wonder how I did it (as I have been asked many times). But, in this instance, I feel like "it's all relative."

We all go through tough times, but in the end, we all come out stronger (or at least that is what we are supposed to do).

Loss of a Friend

For those of you who are close to me, you know that I have been very involved with a twins message board for almost a year now. I have made some wonderful friends through this. I actually had the pleasure of meeting a friend and her twin girls. As soon as we saw each other, it was like we had always known each other! Great bonds have been formed as we go through this twin pregnancy and now journey together.

Yesterday we lost a dear twin mommy friend. Tammy's twin boys, Ben and Kyle, were born one week before Jack and Ian. Tammy told us many times how excited she had been to find out she was pregnant and what a double thrill it was to find out that it was with twins. She was always such a light to our board.

As a testament to what kind of person she was, Tammy donated her organs so that other could sustain their lives.

Today, my prayers are with her husband, babies and family. She will be missed by many.

**As Tammy and her family are on my mind today, a praise song came to mind. The chorus says "You give and take away." I am reminded that however unfair death seems to our earthly minds, God has a bigger plan. Yes, it is still incredibly sad to loose someone. But knowing that He has control and all the answers gives me great peace.

The Waterslide

Uncle Jodie Lee lives in England. You would think that since he's so far away, he couldn't spoil the neice and nephews, right? Well he's found a way! :) Thanks for the waterslide, Uncle Jodie Lee!

(sorry some of the clips are wouldn't let me change them for the movie)

The clips are:
Seth using the platform as a diving board; Ashlyn trying to show off and falling down; a collision; a thank you.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr. Fix-it

Seth has several cars and tractors. Everyday you will find at least one (if not more) of these moving vehicles propped up so that Seth can 'fix it.' Are they broke? No, not in real life. But, apparently, Seth has a healthy imagination!


This is a very common sight at our house! In the picture is 'Holly's car.' Holly is our cat. When we first got her, she stayed inside (then she got kicked out after we found out I was pregnant!). She would run away from Seth and go inside the car. So Seth started calling it Holly's car and hasn't stopped. At one point, he got so frustrated because he couldn't get inside of it. We had to explain that he is big and cannot fit! As you can see, it has been played with and broken (for real) several times. I think the car has nine lives!

Thank you, Me-mother, for the car!
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Getaway

We've had a crazy busy weekend, but it has been filled with fun!

Saturday morning we had a baby shower at our house for one of my dearest friends. The shower was lovely and so much fun! I am so happy for Kelly and Danny and cannot wait to meet sweet little Ivy Paige!

Then later that evening, we had a few friends come over (childless...thank you to our parents!), had dinner and played some Rock Band. And I must say, Emily - you have a beautiful voice! :)

And then today...Jeremy and I are about to leave (yes, by ourselves!) to go on a little three night trip. I'm so excited! We're going to have a blast - just the two of us.

As we left our kids with our parents (my parents have the twins and his parents have Seth), I realized that it is a lot easier to leave Seth than it is the twins. Seth knows we'll be back and can have a great time with his Granny and Grandpa - and he's really excited about it. The twins...well...they'll be fine and have a great time also, but they can't express that to me yet. I think that is what makes it the hardest. However, Jeremy and I are both so thankful to our parents who have happily agreed to take on our children for the next few days. I hope everything goes smoothly for them and everyone has a great time...I know we will!