Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ian's Debt

Ugh.  I hate to look at the date of my last post because it was a month ago!  Oh well.  This isn't my career, and I do have a family to take care of.  (That counts for my blogging laziness, right?!)

Anyway, on to the cuties.

I'm not exactly sure how this conversation originally began, but the five of us (...okay, there are only three of us who can speak...) were discussing paying for babies - as in paying the hospital their due amount from their births.

Jeremy told Seth that he was paid for and Jack was paid for.  However, Ian has never been paid for.  Before you jump to conclusions, it's not what you think!  The hospital has yet to send us the bill for his birth and stay during the first few days of his life.  Yes, you are right, he is a year old. 

Sounds like I'm not the only slacker.

At that time, Seth also inquired about Jeremy and myself.  Jeremy told him that our parents paid for us. 

That was over a week ago.  But Seth hasn't forgotten it (kids have brains like elephants!  ...wait, isn't that the animal that can remember everything?).

Getting on with the story... Seth has asked me two times today, "Momma, as daddy paid for Ian yet?"  I finally have started telling him that he's been taken care of.  With all his inquries, I'm afraid he may begin thinking that Ian may have to be taken back. 

Little does he know, Ian will not be going back where he came from.  That ship has sailed.

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