Monday, September 13, 2010

My "Wild Hair"

Yes, those are two almost-19-month-old-babies sleeping in toddler beds!  I could feel the Wild Hair calling my name - you know, because everyone's hairs calls their names.  Jeremy couldn't think of a reason to hold me he helped.  :)

Look at big that sweet, big...boy is sleeping!

And look at this snuggly little boy here...ahh, so sweet!

And the best part:  I get to go in their rooms at night whilst they slumber and give them all kinds of kisses on those sweet, sleeping faces!


Anonymous said...

Sooo cute!!
I remember those first nights with my boys sleeping in their toddler beds...And then the WILD PARTIES THAT FOLLOWED ;)
Good Luck Mama!
Maman de Lukas&Logan, 3 ans ♥

susan said...

Oh Krista.... Bravo!! I cannot even fathom letting my two out of their cots..... they look so peacefully asleep :):)

Tina Michelle said...

how sweet. They look so cute.