Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Or more approriately: Kids say the most embarassing things!

Seth and I were in WalMart one evening picking up a few things before going to a friend's house. I told Seth, "Mrs. Andi has a baby in her tummy." Of course he replied, "Just one baby or two babies?" I told him that Mrs. Andi only had one baby...that we know of. :)

We make it to the checkout. The cashier greets me as she's ringing up my items. During this, Seth asks me if I had any more baby brothers in my tummy.

Of this, I assured him no.

Then he replies:

"But your tummy is big enough!"

Where in the world did he get that from?! Of course the cashier giggles, because, come on, it really is funny.

I would have been much more embarassed had I actually been a little more round in the tummy. But I am proud to say, that I have officially lost all of my pre-baby weight!

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