Friday, March 19, 2010

Look what I did!

Let me just say... I did it!

First I did this (which literally took all day):

They look good (to me anyway) before they went into the oven.  Just look at them after they came out of the oven and got covered in my (too thin) icing.  Yumm!

The Pioneer Woman's food blog is what inspired me.  You know, because it just looked so darn tastey!  Those food blogs are very dangerous.  You can actually see the delicious food while you're reading about it...which just makes you want to start cooking right away! 

It's difficult to cook with little ones at your I don't try new things too often.  But when I do, I get really excited about it!  I was so excited, that I even let Jack and Ian have a bite (because they ate all of their supper first). 

Here's the link to the recipe.


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Those look amazing!!!

David & Jenny said...

ohhhh!!! i want one right now. :)

Jennifer said...

They were very yummy!! Thanks for sharing :)

susan said...

Krista... I have copied the recipe... will give it a whirl... but I'll set aside the day!! Gosh they look amazing!!