Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Case of the Disappearing Fish

Marlin was his name, and he was a fish.

Or is a fish. Either way, this may get confusing.

Marlin lived in a fish bowl in our bathroom. He was the only fish in the bowl.

One afternoon, Jeremy and I were in our bathroom and he asked me where Marlin was. He was no where to be found. The fish bowl is small with a receeding water line, and there was no way he could have jumped out.

I didn't touch him. Jeremy didn't touch him. We hadn't had any guests, and we do not have animals in our house.

That only left Seth.

Now surely (I tell myself), that I would have known if Seth had taken a fish from our bathroom. He is not a sneaky kid - surely he would have shown me his treasure, right?

Our son has a great imagination but typically tells the truth. The only problem is, his stories have changed each time he has told them.

Here is one version.


Paul & Kristy said...

He's a real cutie! Did you ever discover what really happened to Marlin?

Leanna said...

Bahahahaha! This is hilarious Krista! Too bad for little Marlin though, who knows what his end was like. Seth is such a cutie!

Krista said...

We have no idea what happened to him! We have had a big fish tank before and had fish 'disappear,' but we always figured the other fish ate them. Anyway, our best guess is Seth flushed it down the potty (since that was one of the first stories). Who knows! :)

Jillian said...

Krista- this is my 2nd all-time favorite Seth moment...must admit my first one is still the alligator story!! I watched this 2-3 times and laughed every single time- I will be showing this to my mom and Kendra. Thanks for the smiles- I cannot wait to see Seth in less than 2 weeks!!! I love that kiddo :) ANd of course the twins as well!

everettrj said...

omgoodness that is one cute little boy, bless his little heart, he just wanted to play with Marlin.
RIP Marlin