Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with our families! Our families live nearby so we were able to make Thanksgiving with my family and Jeremy's.

Seth had a wonderful time playing with his cousins, and Jack and Ian did great just hanging out. We have totally been blessed with great kids!

This year, we had Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy's family. This meant that I got to help cook! My sister-in-law, mother-in-law and I made the dinner. Typically, I make something and take it to where ever we are going, so this was a fun treat!

Jeremy's parents and grandkids

Us :)

My grandparents' great grandchildren

Now for the sappy stuff.

I do feel like one of my strong points is being thankful and recognizing what I have to be thankful for. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to toot my horn - I have many not so great things about me! I have been very blessed and feel like it is important to recognize and thank God for all He has done. However, I do feel like Thanksgiving is a wonderful day to share things that we are thankful for and to also remember how our country started and what Thanksgiving is really all about!

So, for traditions sake, here is my tiny list of thankfuls:
God's grace and mercy, my husband, healthy and adorable and great children, our families, our friends, my fellow twin mommies who have helped me stay sane through pregnancy and twinfanthood, our church and Sunday school class, the computer that allows me to keep up with people (including blogging, message boards, facebook and email), our comfortable home, working vehicles, health, the time I have with my husband and children, dishwasher/washing maching/dryer that helps me keep a (somewhat) clean house (we all know how bad it is when one of those important appliances goes out!)...


David & Jenny said...

i love the post...but, did you finish it? and i promise i'm not being smarty. :) just curious because i love reading your blog!

Krista said...

haha! I guess I didn't!