Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Circus Act

Ahh, the joys of young kids and babies!

It's funny how things are totally chaotic on the nights Jeremy works...go figure. (I guess it shows what a big help he is!) Seth is sick...which means he's a little cranky (and rightfully so, he has strep throat and maybe an ear infection). Since I took Seth to the doctor today, Jack and Ian stayed with my parents. By the time we got home and did baths, the babies were screaming because they were sooo hungry. I had turned Thomas the Train off to watch something I wanted to watch (ha!) which, apparently, made Seth cry. So I'm home by myself with three screaming children two of which want to eat. I finally get them to calm down enough to eat (and I turned Thomas back on) and they both poop their pants! Jack doesn't want to eat with poopy I go change him and leave Ian screaming for more. Eventually I get the twins in bed. As I go to put Seth in bed, he informs me that his bed is "yucky." Apparently, he had thrown up in his bed sometime last night/this morning and didn't tell anybody. Talk about the never-ending night!

So, like tonight and so many other times, I feel like I'm a huge circus act. If someone had a camera on me, we would be certain to get lots of laughs! I guess it's a good thing I can laugh at myself...

When we found out we were pregnant with twins, I told Jeremy that all we really needed (besides two of everything) was a really good sense of humor. I love it when I'm right!


susanc said...

hey Krista....I love'll love it too...just one more thing to add to out "to do" lists!!

mine is

I'll read yours if you read mine. I feel like I'm writing it to myself sometimes too...

Susan xx

pchav said...

just reading this makes me tired! I'm amazed at your good humor. Really makes me admire you more than I already did!! Keep up the good work.

CW said...

You really are a funny girl and I am glad we are friends!
I understand the circus act nights when dad's not home. Hope the rest of your night is peaceful.
Oh....I love your blog....glad you finally started one :)

Katherine Appleget said...

Yeah blogs!!! The best part, is that even in no one reads them, it becomes a journal and a way to document the kids lives. Plus, once your family sees it, they can get updates without you having to call everyone!