Thursday, June 25, 2009

Twins Overrated?

I love having twins! I feel very blessed to be able to experience something that is somewhat rare. (Although, the older the twins get, the more people I run into that have twins/is a twin/knows a twin/etc.)

Sure, I guess it's more work. But isn't every additional child more work?

I frequently hear "I don't know how you do it!", "I can't imagining having two!", "I bet you stay busy!".

I admit it; I like the attention to how I handle things. I like people to think that I am doing a great job despite how "difficult" it may be.

But then I started thinking about it; what about all those people out there with more than three kids? How do they do it? Sure twins are work, but isn't each additional child you add to your family more work than the first?

So even though I like people thinking I'm SuperMom, there really are way more SuperMoms out there that don't get as much attention because they had their kids one at a time.

Loving and caring for your kids is a lot of work, but I know a ton of great women that do it well everyday! Way to go, moms (and dads)! :)


Jennifer said...

Well said, Krista....oh...i mean SuperMom!!
You really are doing a great job with your three kids and even though I am sure there are crazy moments (like we all have), you do handle them well!! You are a great mom!

andinic_83 said...

I realize that I'm probably going to be in the minority here, but I don't think that each child that a couple chooses to have creates a larger work-load or burden on the parents or family in general. Children grow up, and as long as they are taught age-appropriate responsibilities than I think the workload can actually decrease over time.

However, it is when the parents continue to do EVERYTHING for the children up until they leave for college (and in some really sad situations, after that point) that the parents have brought the heavy workload upon themselves. I'm sorry, but over time Brinley is going to learn how to do her laundry, pick up after herself (which she is already mastering), make her bed, cook, and any other responsibilities that require her to be self-sufficient while her father and I are 'training her up'. (Proverbs 22:6)

So, if/when God blesses us with our next child, I know that although it will be one more person to care for, Brinley will be old enough to get a diaper for me to change the baby, help entertain the baby while I work on supper or other similar, age-appropriate tasks. No, I'm not going to make slaves out of my children, but I do believe in teaching them responsibility and that families work best as a unit.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying at all to dismiss the fact that you have three little ones 3 and under to care for and I'm sure that you were writing this light-heartedly. However, I do think that this worldy cliche that children are a burden is something that Satan uses to deceive people. Think about it--Christians are always complaining that there aren't enough fellow followers of Christ, and that's why at times it feels like the world is going to 'you know where' in a hand basket BUT many are choosing to have the same amount of children as non-believers. When you take those numbers into consideration, who's beliefs will be passed down to future generations? We can only hope our's...

Sorry about the long rant. I didn't intend to write this much, but once I got on my soapbox I had a hard time getting myself off. ;-)

Bruce, Brandi and Brinley said...

BTW...that last post was from me. I didn't realized I was signed in under my old account.

susanc said...

At the moment I am a very busy lady. Six children and five month old twins in the mix can be hard work...but I have really slackened off in areas I never thought I would. It's just a coping mechanism at the moment. I cannot do it all anymore but I try.
Anyone with children works hard {well I like to think they do}. It's such a privilage to have children in the first place. They grow up so quickly...I love having lots of children but I also wish I had more energy so I could really achieve all I want to in any given day.

It's hard to "let it go" but you just have to...or I do anyway. Supermoms unite ;)