Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swimming Seth

Today my sisters, brother in law, Jeremy, Seth and I went swimming at a family friend's house. Seth is so cute swimming all over the pool! He's has swimming lessons the past two years...mainly an introduction to water and basic swimming techniques. He's still too short to swim without assistance, but he sure does a great job swimming with floaties! He swam back and forth across the pool the entire time we were there.

The pool has a beach area on it (which Seth called the ocean). It was perfect for him to play on and "jump" off of into the water. He's still a little skeptical about actually jumping off the side; although he did do it a few times when someone was there to catch him.

We all had a really nice time! I really look forward to having our own pool and enjoying it with our boys someday!


David & Jenny said...

Swimming was fun! And I am really impressed how you keep up with this blog so frequently. :)

Krista said...

I try! It's really a lot of fun!! Plus, it's been a great way to keep Jodie Lee informed. :)

susanc said...

Cute in his goggles!!