Sunday, August 30, 2009

Would you like fries with that?

Upon asking Seth what he would like for lunch today, I received an odd answer: "Roller turkey, Mom!"

"So, you want turkey wrapped in a tortilla?"

"No, roller turkey!"

"Come show me what I need to make this 'roller turkey'."

Seth then pointed to the croissants which we have to make turkey sandwiches. Okay, creative name...silly boy!

Once I told him that those croissants were old and were no longer fit to eat, I asked him what else he would like to eat.

"Umm, sea shell turkey, Mom!"

"What?! What is 'sea shell turkey'?"

We then went to take a peek in the pantry. I'm not sure if I persuaded this sea shell turkey answer, but we decided on a turkey and cheese sandwich on honey wheat bread. :)

More of Seth's imagination next.

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