Friday, August 28, 2009

Playing Catch-Up: 6 months

On August 17, Jack and Ian turned six months! (Yes, I know, it's been two weeks ago.)

They had a great doctor's appointment. Jack weighs 18lbs10oz and Ian weighs 17lbs...both 26in long.

They had six nasty vaccines, but only started to cry after three of the shots were already administered. One seemed to start whimpering which made the other realize it was okay to be upset...which got them both going. Poor guys!

They are still not crawling but are pulling their knees underneath them and raising up on their we're making progress! They love their excersauser-type toys, jumperoo (if anyone has an extra they are getting rid of, we would love it!), playing on the floor, watching big brother Seth, and relaxing in their swings. They really are good babies!

They have started sitting up. They are able to lean forward and pull themselves back up (and vice versa) if they have some support on their sides. They sit really well if they are sitting on the floor between my legs.

We started cereal... (oh my, I just realized I still haven't posted the video of that...will do soon) We started cereal about a month or so ago. They are doing great on it. We eat that first thing in the morning followed by their bottle.

As of about three or so weeks ago, we began vegetables in the evening during dinner time. We tried peas first (as I thought they were a bit sweeter than the others and may take to it faster). That did not go over well! They only ate a few bites each the first try. And Jack actually threw those up! The second night was a little better and the third night was an improvement to that (which means they, together, finished maybe one-third of one jar). Then we got to green beans - I was amazed by the second night of green beans when they finished one jar each! From then on out, they spent three nights in a row trying new veggies. I'm very happy for good eaters!

Here are a few pictures of the boys. I sure love them! :)


Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!! They are getting so big and grown up looking!

Our Life With Twins said...

Love them! Super cute! Wish you lived closer i have 3 extra jumperoos!!!!