Sunday, August 9, 2009

Six Years

Six years ago today, Jeremy and I were married! We had a simple church wedding and reception. Afterwards, we headed off to Jamaica.

I am so thankful that love grows. Over the last six years, I have learned how to love Jeremy, and I anticipate the next fifty years, God willing, to go the same way.

Sure, we've had our hard times (specifically after the twins were born), but those tough times teach many lessons that stay long after the anger has faded.

I thank God for Jeremy, for our marriage and our family. I could not ask for more. :)

As a gift to ourselves, we got new, old dishes. While we were on our 'getaway,' we went to an antique store and found several gifts for family and ourselves! I had been wanting new dishes as I thought I had outgrown the taste I once had. We ran across these dishes and, not being spur-of-the-moment spenders, we took pictures, researched them online and talked about it. When we got home, we decided that we wanted them! Thankfully, they found the dishes in the store and shipped them to us. I plan to get simple glasses, table linens, and serving dishes to go with our printed new dishes.


everettrj said...
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everettrj said...

didn't realize Sunday was your Anniversary, that was a hectic day for all of us. I just wanted to say
Happy Anniversary Krista & Jeremy, and here is to God blessing your family with a lifetime of happiness!