Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Getaway

We've had a crazy busy weekend, but it has been filled with fun!

Saturday morning we had a baby shower at our house for one of my dearest friends. The shower was lovely and so much fun! I am so happy for Kelly and Danny and cannot wait to meet sweet little Ivy Paige!

Then later that evening, we had a few friends come over (childless...thank you to our parents!), had dinner and played some Rock Band. And I must say, Emily - you have a beautiful voice! :)

And then today...Jeremy and I are about to leave (yes, by ourselves!) to go on a little three night trip. I'm so excited! We're going to have a blast - just the two of us.

As we left our kids with our parents (my parents have the twins and his parents have Seth), I realized that it is a lot easier to leave Seth than it is the twins. Seth knows we'll be back and can have a great time with his Granny and Grandpa - and he's really excited about it. The twins...well...they'll be fine and have a great time also, but they can't express that to me yet. I think that is what makes it the hardest. However, Jeremy and I are both so thankful to our parents who have happily agreed to take on our children for the next few days. I hope everything goes smoothly for them and everyone has a great time...I know we will!

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