Monday, August 31, 2009

Tricky Tricksters

I have a couple of tricky babies on my hands. (Well, actually on my floor.)

I was laying on the floor with Jack and Ian when Ian started crawling...well...getting up on all fours and going backwards. It was so cute! But, of course, as soon as I got my camera out, he stopped. :(

Here's what I got!

While I was in here typing this, Mr. Jack decided to roll over from back to tummy! This is the first time I've *partially* witnessed it! We knew he could do it because he rolls onto his side all the time but doesn't want to seem to finish the roll. I left him on his back and went back to find him on his tummy playing with his toy while Ian was up on all fours playing with his. Oh happy day! :)

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The Kirkwoods said...

Soooo cute Krista! It's amazing how they stop their "tricks" the minute we turn the camera's on, huh? How exciting though!! Crawling! Can you believe it?!? I think I will cry when Logan does it for the first time! haha