Monday, January 4, 2010

Blast From the Past

For Christmas, Seth got a dog that does something.  (We aren't exactly sure what the dog does as we have still not put batteries in him.) 

On the dog's head, right above its eyes, is a sensor thing (I'm quite the descriptor, huh?).  It looks very odd and out of place - don't you think?

Jeremy asked what that odd thing on the dog's head was, and I told him it was probably a sensor for light or something.

When I was younger, I had a stuffed animal that made a giggley sound and flashed it's lighted eyes when the lights were turned out.  So every night when my parents turned my lights out, this stuffed animal did this.

Ringing a bell to anyone?

Me neither. 

So I searched for 1980s toys.  Nothing.

I searched for green hooded stuffed animals.  Nothing.

I searched for light sensor stuffed animals.  Nothing.

(Don't laugh at me.  Does it really matter if my talent isn't internet searching?)

So Jeremy searched...and found it on his first try.  Lucky!  And here it is (mine had a green hood):

It's called Chubbles.  Did any of you have one as a child?  I know I can't be the only one!

In the process of looking for Chubbles, we ran across a list of popular toys in the 1980s.  It was fun looking back on it.  I remembered my glo worm, cabbage patch kids, pillow people, puffalumps, guess who and girl talk games, rainbow brite and pound puppies.  Jeremy remembered He Man, slime pits, smurfs, and several others. 

Just a neat childhood memory!  I wonder what our kids will look back on with fond memories?

Just as a side-note - Jeremy found this on eBay UK and it's entire title is "Vintage Chubbles Chiggles Light Sensitive 1980's Toy."  I'm not quite 26 years old.  How can a toy I played with as a child be entitled vintage?!  Seems like that word is used pretty loosely!

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