Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions Overrated

The thing that most frustrates me about the New Year is everyone's "resolutions." 

What good is it to make a resolution only to forget about it a few weeks into the new year?

Therefore, I resolved many years ago not to make any resolutions for New Years.

Instead of pointless resolutions, whether well-meaning or otherwise, I think it's important to take the New Year as a time to evaluate your life past in order to better your future. 

My life up to this point has been full of blessings!  God has blessed me with a great family, husband, children, friends, church, home, jobs, and so much more.  I am forever thankful for that!

This past year brought our two newest blessings to our family - Jack and Ian.  How we've made it this far into our lives with twinfants, I'll never know.  But what an exciting year it has been!  I am very thankful that I was able to stay at home with our children (even though that "job" is not an easy one!). 

Looking into this next year, I am anxious to see where God takes us in our journey.  It's always amazing to look back on our lives and see such a neat path that He created for us and knowing that we sometimes felt lost in it.  Nonetheless, the path was always perfect!

This year for Seth, we started reading a Bible "story" a night (thanks to Marsha, a twin mom friend :)).  The book has over 200 Bible "stories" from Genesis to Revelations.  Since I forgot about it January 1st (see why I don't do resolutions?!), we started it last night.  I'm excited to begin teaching Seth about the important things in life and he actually 'get' it. 

Will post more pictures later.  Maybe I'll get a really cool camera this year so my pictures can be all sharp and shiny.  :)

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