Saturday, January 2, 2010

Unloading Thoughts

First of all, I cannot believe what a blogger-slacker I've been. I am terribly behind. I constantly think about things I want to blog about but lack of time and knowing there are so many topics just overwhelms me.

So, as I lay in bed typing this short blog from my iPod, I am just going to make a blogging to-do list so that I can finally put my thoughts to rest and go to sleep like everyone else in my house.

Things to blog about (in no specific order):
•new years resolutions/thoughts
•Ian's new trick
•wonderful shoes
•hockey with the honey
•working out
•update on the boys

With all of the technology, I guess just having an old fashioned pencil and paper on the nightstand has been replaced with a mini computer!

I truely hope everyone has had a wonderful year so far!

(please ignore any spelling/grammatical errors as I am typing thison my iPod) :)

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