Monday, January 25, 2010

This is what I found... the car this afternoon. 

Of course, I didn't find all the pieces already taped back together - I found each of the 15 pieces seperatly. 

This morning, Seth wanted very badly to bring his wallet with us to the children's museum.  I caved in, I mean...agreed... to let him take his wallet as long as he left it in the car.  So he did.

We had friends go to the museum with us.  On the ride back home, the kids were discussing money.  Seth had his paper money but Clayne didn't have any.

Upon asking Seth why he tore up his money, his answer was simple:

I was sharing with Clayne.

Well of course!  Why didn't I think of that?! 

After that response, I couldn't scold my child for wanting to share something!

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Bruce, Brandi and Brinley said...

Such a sweet boy! Just be sure that he doesn't have any big bills in his wallet incase he decides to 'share' again. ;-)