Thursday, January 7, 2010

Was it something I said?

Wednesday was Seth's first dentist appointment.  I really like the pediatric dentist we saw and will definitely be going back.  He has no cavities...yea!  We also found out some interesting information while we were there - Seth has an extra baby tooth!  I know you're probably thinking "how in the world did you miss that?!"  Well it's a very easy mistake when you only count half the teeth in his mouth (on the opposite side of the extra one) and multiply that number by 2.  :)

So the point of this blog had nothing to do with Seth, but who can keep from talking about their kids??

While we were out of town at the dentist appointment, we went to the mall (yea again!).  I was pushing the twins around in American Eagle looking for a cute scarf.  On my way out, the two cute, young girls working there stopped me to talk about the twins. 

We went through the usual "aww, they're so cute! they don't look much alike. do twins run in your family? was it a surprise? you look really good - I can't believe you had twins." 

Since they were not busy and seemed to be interested in what I had to say, I, of course, had to stop them on that last comment and elaborate. 

I simply told them 'thank you' and explained that it actually was not a pretty sight. 

Their faces looked a bit curious, so I went on. 

Aside from the stretch marks, I explained that there was 'twin skin' which causes a wrinkled belly and just an overall different appearance.  One girl said that there are ways to fix that in which I replied that a tummy tuck could be a possibility (if that money tree will ever take root in our backyard!).  When I said that, she kind of wrinkled her nose like she didn't understand. 

Then I went on my spill about how nobody ever told me that your body could look like this (and so young!).  I always thought that if you just lost your weight and got back into shape after kids, you would look the same. 


I think the last thing I said kind of made one of the girls nauseas.  She put her hand on her tummy and had concern/fear in her eyes.

I figured that was a good time to leave.  :)


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Hahahaha, this is fantastic!! I can just see the girls - I have been in situations like that myself!

Katherine Appleget said...

I always think a good version of birth control would be showing our tummies to high schoolers! Especially since I thought you looked fantastic!

Love this post!