Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny!

I finally got my camera issues sorted out. So expect me to be playing catch-up for the next couple of days!

This is to Aunt Jenny who had a birthday on July 16. Happy late birthday!


David & Jenny said...

i LOVED that!!! thank you so much for having them do it! :) it really made my day!!

Jillian said...

THAT IS BY FAR THE CUTEST THING I THINK I HAVE EVER EVER SEEN!!! So precious- i loved it. I will make sure Kendra knows about this so one day she can do that for me w/ her to be kiddos lol. So precious- i love how Jack and Ian are just sitting there so content...and Seth's little kiss at the end and wave. Aw I miss my little boys!!! I love them. Btw awesome blog- love hte background..and the Krista actually looks like how you write! U are so creative :)