Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Love My iPod Touch

If Apple had traveling salesmen, I would apply for the job. I absolutely adore my iPod touch!

Recently, I've found a few apps for children, and Seth just loves them. Plus, they are good for him! His favorite app tells him to touch the number/letter/color/shape, and after so many questions, it goes to your sticker page where you choose a sticker and put it on your page. There is also a really fun animal memory game and a trace the letter game with is wonderful for fine motor. Not only are the games a load of fun, but they also keep Seth occupied in the car and while waiting in the doctor's office. I'm just sad that I haven't had one sooner!

On top of all that wonderfulness, we've downloaded a WonderPets album. Since we keep the TV off most of the time, we will sit around or play in the house while the WonderPets are playing on the iPod home speakers. The music is wonderful and the lyrics are sung as well as spoken (as the show is in musical format). This also allows Seth to use his imagination more. So many great things!

Last night as Seth was saying his prayers before bed, he thanked God for momma's iPod. He's such a neat kid!


susanc said...

Krista, I have an iphone and I love it too!! I also got "iTot cards" {flashcards}...a great painting app called "pollock" my two younger boys LOVE it!! get the "moron test" it's cheap and so fun......I also got "free sight words"

I also got the 'level' just 'cause I could! my dh thinks I'm so crazy!!

I'm a cheapskate and get mostly free apps!! :)

Krista said...

I'm going to have to look those up. Let me know if you find anymore!!

I got the iFitness....ha! At least when other people look at my ipod (which is never), maybe they'll think I use it!

Oh, I also think the compass is free. Do you have Pandora? It's free too!!

susanc said...

I'm going to look those up! I thought you meant Pandora the jewellery!!! haha x

oh and I neeeeed the compass {about as much as I needed the level :-/