Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jack drinking with podee bottle

Jack has always had a lazy suck (for lack of better words). So I let Ian get the formula up into the nipple and gave that bottle to Jack. I think he drank what was in the nipple and no more!


TarynFlagg said...

Hey to get it started you need to hold the bottle above the nipple. Squeeze the nipple repeatedly with your fingers to "prime" the tube until the tube and nipple are full, then put it in the baby's mouth. It should work fine then.

I didn't use the Podee for very long, though. I found that it was easier to just prop the bottles up. By having the real bottle near their faces it encouraged them to hold the bottle a little earlier.

susanc said...

Poor little guy, he looked like he was trying so hard..btw your accent is CUTE!!

Krista said...

Susan - my accent gets on my own nerves sometimes!! It's a little too east texas for me. :) Thank you!!