Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been a while!

I can't remember if I've posted much on the subject of cleaning, but it is a highly used word in my vocabulary as of late.

Lately I've been struggling with keeping a clean house. I've wanted so many times to write down my struggles and frustrations, but I figured it would be a boring read.

Hopefully, I've figured out some new techniques to keeping our house clean (or at least presentable).

Since "working" on the house, I've not had as much time to do mindless things (you know, the fun things) such as posting here and other places.

But I did figure something out about keeping a clean house: in order to keep a clean house, you never get to sit down and enjoy it. So that's my new motto...don't sit, always do. Sounds loads of fun, huh?

Enough about cleaning (I told you it was boring!)...on to other issues.

My camera isn't working right! It's a sad, sad thing. I have so many pictures, stories and videos that I want to post for you all, but I'm having a difficult time getting them from my camera onto the computer. Thankfully we did purchase the extended warranty on my camera! The camera is working fine, but it will not load the pictures onto the computer from the camera. Sure, I could insert the SD card into the printer and get them from there, but there is a problem in doing that. You see, when my pictures load from my camera, they automatically go into dated folders. That way I can keep track of when the picture was taken and when that event happened. If I just load them onto my computer from the SD card, that will not be the case and I will be lost in a flood of pictures with no direction. (Okay, that was a little dramatic.)

So as soon as I figure out my camera problem, you will be overloaded with pictures and adorable things going on with us!

Sorry that was so boring...a more interesting story to come!

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