Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Podee Bottle Frustration

When we found out we were pregnant with twins, I immediately joined a twins message board (I love those girls - they were lifesavers!). There I learned of these "hands free" bottles called Podee bottles. I thought that seemed like a perfect idea...maybe I could hold and feed one baby while the other baby used the Podee bottle and then I would switch at the next feeding.

That would have been a perfect plan if the bottles were the miracle I had hoped.

See, the Podee bottles have about seven pieces to them. It's a puzzle to get it together - plus, you have to hand wash all those parts! (I know that's lazy of me, but who has time to handwash everything when there's so much else to do?!) Sure, it's an ingenious idea, but it didn't work for us quite as ideally.

So I tried them tonight. I thought it would be perfect for me to sit them in their feeding chairs in the kitchen and take their bottles while I cook dinner. I was trying to multi-task! However, from the beginning of the feeding to the end was at least double the time it would have taken for me to just feed them myself. Plus, I ended up pooring their formula into a regular bottle (that's four dirty bottles as opposed to only two).

I posted the videos of them trying to drink from their Podee bottles. They don't work for us, but I hope there are others out there that have better luck with them!

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Katherine Appleget said...

How did I miss this thread? I think I still may give this a try. Hmmm...
They are too cute!