Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Visiting the Fish

Today we went on a mini-trip to the Texas Freshwater Fish Hatchrey. Seth really enjoyed watching and feeding the fish, and Jack and Ian rode around so well.

They have a 'catch and release' pond to fish in. Here's a video of Seth reeling in his fish. You can tell in the video that Seth isn't too keen on actually touching the fish. :)

It was a nice, relaxing afternoon. We are so blessed to have great kids! No meltdowns or other diffculties...just poopy diapers. :)

Jack and Ian having a great time watching the fish.

Seth feeding the fish.

Seth telling Daddy what a mean fish that is right there!

And the best part about our trip: No Twinerazzi! (The word 'twinerazzi' came from one of my friends from the twins message board, either Susan or Rebecca (sorry I can't remember which one!). The word refers to the attention, both spoken or otherwise, that comes from having twins. Some examples include: oohing and ahhing, being flagged down, being stopped while moving, being told 'you sure have your hands full' or anything of the sort, being asked if they are identical, and such.)


Katherine Appleget said...

Sooo cute! They have gotten SO big! They didn't nearly fill out the stroller when I met y'all!
Love the sunglasses :-)

Our Life With Twins said...

Looks like FUN!!!! What good boys! I love taking the twins out, they are so good in the stroller!

susanc said...

Great day out... Seth looks like he had a blast!!

twinerrazzi wasn't mine... so we'll give credit to Rebecca... I think it was first coined in a thread I did but it was by someone else not moi!! it's SO clever though isn't it.....