Monday, September 21, 2009

A Beautiful Thing

I am the oldest child, and as the oldest child, I tend to do everything first - oftentimes even before my friends. I am the guinea pig; the one who learns by trial and error. Getting married and having a baby are two examples.

Today I got to witness (well, from a distance) my best friend start a new family. Kelly gave birth to Ivy Paige this evening. She weighed 7lbs 5oz and is just the perfect baby girl.

Today was my first time to be on that end of the birthing process. I was able to visit with Kelly during her laboring, listen to Ivy's heartbeat, and watch the contractions on the monitor.

But the best thing was seeing the new Daddy's face as proud and beaming as could be when he came and told us about his new baby girl. It was beautiful to see the brand-new grandparents smiling with tears in their eyes.

I am beyond happy for the new family! Since I have been through this twice (the twins count as one time, right?), I think I'm better able to appreciate what an incredible time this is for them. I know the excitment they're feeling. I know the new love that they have for this precious baby. And I could not be happier for them!

Congratulations, Kelly and Danny on your beautiful baby! You will make wonderful parents, and I cannot wait to experience your new journey with you. I love you!

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susanc said...

how lovely lovely lovely for you...... my sister is having another baby very soon and I can't wait. It's just such a delightful time. A different delightful than when it is YOU welcoming your own child.
Lovely :):)