Wednesday, September 16, 2009

SuperMom... (not!)

As previously seen on my blogger friends' blogs (Susan, Kate and Savannah), here is my blog dedicated to the common misconception of "having it all together."

Yes, I would like to accept compliments and truly believe that I do, in fact, have it all together all the time. Sometimes I even make myself believe it (that is, until I see the piles of laundry that should have been folded several days ago or the dishes in the sink or the toys on the floor or the...).

So, to make other moms who fall short feel better (because from time to time we do all fall a little shorter than we would like), here are my mommyhood pitfalls.

I spend too much time on the computer instead of drinking up every spare second to enjoy my young children.

I come up with cleaning schedules constantly but am never able to keep them.

I go through motivated periods when everything is kept up. But those times are always followed by times when I am tired and everything falls apart again.

Those times that I am tired are spend doing mindless and piddly things that typically do not improve our lives; although, I do justify my computer times by it being my social outlet. I may not need to be social every second of the waking day.

I have high expectations for myself, but when I fail to meet those expectations, I get frustrated and cease to be productive.

I, like Savannah, also has a hard time trying at things because I do not want to fail. I know what my limitations are and when I have to do something past those, I do it half-heartily (because if I tried my hardest and failed, how frustrating that would be).

I sometimes leave my children crying for their bottle to come check my email very quickly.

The only way dishes get washed some days are because I need clean bottles.

When my husband is on his weeks off, I spend my time relaxing like he does only to find that we live in a filthy house that takes me a week to straighten back up.

I feel the need to be everyone's friend and want everyone to feel the same way about me. This takes up entirely too much of my concentration and efforts when it would be better spent thinking of what I can do to make my family happier.

I love my life - I love my husband - I love my children!

No, I'm not a horrible person for not being a perfect wife and mother...I'm a normal person.


TERRA said...

Awesome Krista!!!!!

The Truth About Mommyhood said...

Krista, you must have been reading my mind! I started a new blog today
Trying shed the light from what the "experts" tell us mommies what we need to do and how to do it!

Savannah said...

:) Yay for the bandwagon!!!

I find it makes me feel better to confess my flaws every now and again. Appearantly other people do, too. I'm beginning to think I might be kind of normal after all :D

susanc said...

well done Krista..... :):)

one thing I have found reading people's blogs is that they really only ever blog about how great everything is. And sometimes it's just NOT......

it's good to know others out there are like us {maybe that's why we are all friends??}

xx :):)

Traci Cameron said...

That was great!! I feel a little better knowing that I am not the only one that will have a very productive day, only to be followed by a bunch of not-so-productive ones. Oh, yeah, and I have let the babies cry a few times while finishing up on the computer, LOL! :)