Monday, September 14, 2009

It's kind of a big deal!

Since having the twins, I've found how much more common twins are than I ever knew. We would run into people and they would say "oh, I miss that!"..."I'm a twin!"..."My cousin just had quads"...etc, etc.

Jeremy and I met a lady the other day. She was asking about the boys and she mentioned, very nonchalantly, "I have twins."

Well, it's a big deal!

I want to quiz everyone who I meet that has or has had twins. I want to know what they thought of the pregnancy (because, so far, I've not met anyone who thought a twin pregnancy was a breeze). I want to know what they thought when they found out. I want to know how hard it was the first year. I want to know what they went through personally with their twins.

I think I mainly want to know because that is what I'm living right now. Will me having twins not be a big deal the older they get? Will I forget the immense pain I went through to carry them in my belly? Will I forget how we had to buy two of everything? or fix two bottles at a time? or change two diapers at a time? or dress and bathe two babies at a time?

I know this is all fresh on my memory (you know, since it's now), but it is more work and I feel like the women who have raised twins should be giving a hefty pat on the back, a cheer...maybe even a parade. :)

It's definitly more work than having a singleton, and I want to show recognition to the women that have done it and survived! They've done an amazing job...and a somewhat rare one at that...and they deserve applause! (Along with every other momma out there!)


Katherine Appleget said...

Love the post. Memories - rolling over in bed while pregnant w/ twins = worst pain ever. I guess you have a different perspective since you've done a singleton before!
One time in target a woman came up and hugged me!!!! Not weird, she raised twins. She said she remembered those days, and she needed a hug!
I must say you are a great mom to those twins of yours! I admire you.

Our Life With Twins said...

Oh so true...

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Great post! Life with twins is definitely a little chaotic :). Your kiddos are so cute!

everettrj said...

Funny I was thinking this EXACT same thing just the other day! I cannot imagine it ever not being novelty to me, but who knows....maybe it will be someday.
Good post Krista!

susanc said...

Krista, it IS a big deal... a great big FAT deal.

I recall all the physical pains of being pregnant with them. It was really hard not to moan and whine ALL day long. I guess the thing that kept me going most of all was knowing how special it was in my life and that I would never ever be pregnant with twins again.....